Credit Card and ACH Processing

This can be done either one client at a time or multiple clients in one go, and can use information saved on file.

Live Posting for Successful Transactions

Take the hassle out of running sales. Merchants select what they need, process and complete transactions with the confidence the records they need will be back in QuickBooks right away.

Detailed Reporting

Generate reports that merchants need.

Authorize Now/Settle Later

With this add-on feature merchants can pre-authorize a sale to allow funds to be held in limbo so a job can be started. The transaction can be later settled, capturing the funds.

Email Invoicing

Using this add-on grants the ability to email out invoices and allow them to be paid by the client. Includes the option to add their merchant’s company logo and billing information.

Detailed Payment Log

A support team with merchants in mind. The GMP team works diligently to make sure that client questions, concerns, or issues are all addressed as fast as possible. Work with a support team that understands processing.