Protect Your Data with our Security Package

Visa® and MasterCard® have established industry security guidelines—the Visa CISP requirements—as they work to combat today’s ever-growing and persistent cyberthreats. Merchants currently operating without a PCI Compliance Certificate are paying non-compliance fees back to the processor. Let Green Mountain Payments help save your business money with our security compliance and data insurance package, available as an add-on with any contract fulfillment for a nominal monthly fee.

Our Security Compliance/Data Insurance Package includes:

  • Assistance during and after a suspected or confirmed loss, theft, or data breach.
  • Allows you to act and respond to cyberthreats immediately.
  • Security Compliance Certificate.
  • Elimination of non-compliance fees and theft penalties.

Understanding Non-Compliance Fees

Not only does the processor charge you a non-compliance fee for every Visa and MasterCard transaction, you may also expose your company to greater penalties if a fraud activity were to occur. If a Visa or MasterCard member fails to notify Visa Inc. Fraud Control immediately when a data breach occurs, the member is subject to a $100,000 penalty per incident. That fee can increase to up to $500,000 if you were operating without a Security Compliance Certificate at the time of the breach.

The security compliance and data breach insurance services will protect you from heavy non-compliance fees and penalties. With this type of added protection from Green Mountain Payments, you can grow your business with the peace of mind knowing your company and customer data is secure.

Green Mountain Payments are Here for You

Green Mountain Payments prides itself on our expertise and customer service. In the event of a data breach, our experts will be by your side through the entire situation. We will patch you through to the banks and will stay on the line to ensure the problem is solved. Our longstanding and respected reputation in the industry affords us great relationships with banks, so we can reach creative solutions that other providers may not be able to work through.

My business has suffered a data breach—now what?

We are happy to provide information for companies suffering a data breach, regardless of whether you are currently compliant under the Security Compliance and Data Protection Package.