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Secure. Transparent. Affordable.

Green Mountain Payments was created to support Vermont business owners by providing security, transparency, and affordability. Many times small business is bullied by big business or big states receive preferential treatment over the small ones; we founded this company to level the playing field by being direct, accessible, and responsive.

Hello my name is Chris O’Grady and I am the founder of Green Mountain Payments.

Green Mountain Payments is a subcontractor for Datainsure, one of the nation’s largest merchant service sales organizations; partnerships with Intuit/QuickBooks, Elavon/US Bank, and Talech/ShopKeep POS just to name a few.

I was born in the rugged Granite City of Barre, Vermont to a Canadian immigrant Charlene “Pooly” Pouliot and an Irish/Italian Peter Louis O’Grady, I have one brother (Marc). Besides Jesus Christ, my parents are my heroes; I truly believe they did the best they could to raise us, providing us not with what we wanted but what we needed. My parents sometimes worked two or three jobs at the same time just to make ends meet, always sacrificing personal pleasures so we could get by.

When my mother lost her job after 24 years at the local bank due to downsizing, our world was turned upside down. But my parents did not give up, they worked harder. My father worked his job at the city from 5:30 am to 3:30 pm, then went to stock shelves at Capital Candy, then worked loading the morning paper for the Times Argus delivery drivers; three jobs in one day. Incredible.

I will forever be grateful and recognize all the sacrifices they made so we could play sports, have incredible Christmas’, or just eat sometimes.

My brother and I were raised Catholic by my mother and regularly attended church at St. Monica’s Parish; we also attended parochial school there.

From the early age of ten I started working, understanding that nothing in life is free, and you reap what you sow. It is my comprehensive work experience and exposure to people of all different races, religions, backgrounds, and genders that allows me to efficiently understand the needs of different customers. 

Thank you for choosing Green Mountain Payments we look forward to meeting new friends.

Kindest Regards, Chris C. O’Grady, CPP

Chris O'Grady

Philanthropic Giving

An integral supporter and promoter of Philanthropic Giving, Green Mountain Payments donates a portion of its earnings to the following organizations:

Green Mountain Payments